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General Purpose Fertilizers

At Faler Feed Store, Inc., we carry a full line of general purpose fertilizers for your lawns, trees, gardens, and more. We offer a starter fertilizer and also carry traditional farm fertilizer, such as 12-12-12, 19-19-19, and 6-24-24. Additionally, we have a three-step program to keep your lawn lush and healthy. In this program, we offer a fertilizer with crabgrass control, a fertilizer with Weed-N-Feed, and a fertilizer with bug control in order to optimize the growing potential of your grass.

Nutralime™ soil treatment creates the best growing environment for greener lawns and gardens. Nitrogen containing fertilizers and acid rain often cause soils to become too acidic, while many soils are naturally acidic. Acid soils prevent growing plants from effectively using available nutrients in the soil. Once applied, Nutralime™ begins to dissolve immediately to reduce soil acidity. Nutralime™ is non-toxic and dust-free. It can be applied with any type of spreader for beautiful lawns and gardens.

Apply Nutrasoft™ Pelletized Gypsum to loosen those heavy, hard packed clay soils allowing moisture and air to penetrate and move freely in the soil. Nutrasoft™ is packed full of Calcium and Sulfur, two essential nutrients for plant growth. Nutrasoft™ also counteracts the harmful effects of ice-melting salts and repairs animal yard spots. Nutrasoft™ is non-toxic and dust-free and can be applied with any type of spreader for beautiful lawns and gardens. Learn more and get started transforming your green spaces by contacting Faler Feed Store, Inc. today.

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